Peppermint & Lavender Tea


Jannel Gooden of Novice Is The New Nurse is an experienced nurse who's passionate about the new nurse journey and has dedicated her platform to new-nurse wellness & confidence. She is the first-time author of a new book titled, Lavender & Peppermint Tea, an experiential affirmations book geared toward wellness and confidence for new graduate nurses.


The timing of Jannel's book release was set amidst the ongoing pandemic. Jannel's target audience (new graduate nurses) were either on the frontline or awaiting employment to do so. Additionally, the pandemic prevented traditional opportunities for book exposure such as book signings, events and tours –all of which posed a huge threat to reaching her target audience.


Position Jannel as a thought leader in her industry with expertise in the new nurse sector. We developed a comprehensive strategy that included cross channel marketing, podcast features, book reviews and brand collaborations. The agency also developed and implemented a social media campaign utilizing niche influencer marketing.

jannel x clove feed - square


We successfully garnered widespread recognition for the L&P Tea book pre and post launch.

We strategically aligned Jannel with award-winning sneaker brand Clove, for an epic collaboration marking the re-launch of their most popular shoe ever- Lavender. 

 The social campaign was highly impactful both inside and outside the nursing community and drove meaningful engagement around the book and related industry pain points. 



Increase in Instagram reach


Increase in likes on Facebook & Instagram


Increase engagement on Facebook & Instagram
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