The nursing communities on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok have grown significantly over the past five years. Nurses who moonlight as influencers can be seen online sharing content on everything from nursing school struggles to travel and lifestyle to educating the masses on beat to trendy dances and music. Most recently nurses were socially tasked with clearing up misinformation on COVID-19 and vaccines. Social media has revealed the many faces and facets of nursing which has revolutionized what it means to be a part of the profession. Many nurses are now looked up to as public figures and in many cases, subject matter experts in the media. With this new and favorable social positioning has come increased marketability of nurses.

If you are unaware or in doubt of the value nurses are capable of bringing to your digital marketing efforts, here are four reasons your brand or organizations should be working with nurses. 

  1. Nurses are the most trusted profession

Long before the pandemic, nurses were showing up and showing out for their patients. Nurses rank as the most trusted professionals in the US, according to a Gallup poll this year. This rating marks the 19th year in a row the nursing profession has held the top spot. The poll revealed that a whopping 89% of those polled, rated nurses’ honesty and ethics as “high or very high.” 

  1. Nurses comprise the largest sector of the healthcare workforce

There are approximately four million nurses in the United States. A force in number- there are significantly more nurses than doctors, physical therapists and every other discipline in healthcare and can be seen in traditional and non-traditional healthcare settings. Comprising the largest sector, comes with having a very powerful collective voice and the ability to evoke change on so many levels. When a nurse speaks out, problems are solved and things simply get done. 

  1. Nurses are licensed & credential healthcare professionals

Although social platforms loosely govern profile creation and do minimal background checks, nurses go through extensive education and training to become licensed professionals, and many even go on to acquire advanced practice degrees. Even while on the job, training is ongoing, and competencies are regularly assessed. A huge part and scope of being a nurse is patient education. Nurses have been groomed to teach and inform the public. That said, nurses should be at the front of campaigns that educate the public and shed light on misinformation.

  1. Nurses are predominantly women

The nursing industry is majority female, with 90% of the nearly 4 million nurses in the US being women. Statistics show that women are responsible for up to as much as 80% of all consumer purchasing. Additionally, women are mothers who make decisions in the home and thus control significant purchasing power for their families. Whether it be groceries, clothing, appliances etc. women likely have a say in it. That said, any company with a product, business or service for a woman could also be marketed to and by nurses. 

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