There’s no doubt that healthcare professionals can bring a great deal of credibility to a marketing campaign. Now more than ever we see healthcare influencers garnering widespread visibility not only on the frontline but also in their social space by using their powerful voices and platforms to advocate, educate and promote real cause. As lingering traditional marketing measures are continuing to fade into digital marketing means, healthcare brands and stakeholders are now merging with healthcare influencers. It is no longer ‘a great idea’ to take your marketing message to the social front- it’s a necessity. 

While many healthcare brands and organizations struggle to find footing in this new space that doesn’t seem industry friendly- there’s some hope in sight. Here are 3 tips for creating influencer marketing campaigns in healthcare. 

  1. Hire the right agency

Working with a niche agency that has significant experience in the healthcare industry is a streamlined approach to getting your product, brand or service in front of the right people. If your brand wanted to reach doctors or nurses, you wouldn’t hire an agency that works with athletes or beauty influencers- you’d go with the agency that’s versed in healthcare. One of the biggest advantages of doing so lies in the fact that they will have a great deal of working knowledge about the industry and won’t have to spend countless hours (or dollars) researching the industry before they even begin to work. 

  1. Find the right influencers

Yes, there are lots of tools out there that can help you find or locate influencers in a certain industry or area- but just because an influencer is a member of a certain profession doesn’t mean they’re the right fit for the job. In healthcare, there are various kinds of professionals (not just doctors or nurses) who specialize in numerous areas of the industry. Knowing the nuances of the healthcare sector and those who comprise it is critical to ensuring you are working with the right influencer to accomplish your campaign goals.  

  1. Find the right angle 

If you want to excel at executing a campaign, being in touch with the heartbeat of an industry is key. Knowing the pain points and (positives) in an industry is a great backdrop to not only finding your angle but guide your campaign for real storytelling that gets to the heart of the matter. Pro tip: create a questionnaire and use it to screen potential influencers of interest to gauge their views on a specific matter before hiring them for the campaign. This will help ensure you have the very best aligned candidates and not just influencers who fit the bill because of reach or profession alone. 

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